Guide: 5 Things To Do When Taking Care of a New Puppy

Congratulations, you’re bringing home a new puppy! Now what? 

Getting a new puppy is an exciting feeling. It was love at first sight and all you think about is bringing them home to cuddle and run around with. But where is it going to sleep? What if they need to use the bathroom? Should I look into training right now or is it too early? What about pet insurance? Is that even worth it?

We put together a small guide for you to get started so you can feel at ease when bringing home a new puppy. 

Start by getting the basic/necessary supplies before picking up your puppy: 

We want your home to be prepared with everything that’s going to make your puppy feel more welcomed and comfortable right when they walk in. 



Dog bowls

Crate (perfect when bringing home your puppy for the first time in a car)

Collar & leash 







Book your first appointment with a vet: 

Doing this early can ensure that your new pet is in good health. They will check if there are any parasites, viral diseases, fleas/ticks, and even heartworm disease which most commonly affects dogs. 

Look into pet training:

It’s good to start early. This includes house training and going to a professional training class that’s suitable and comfortable for your puppy.

Don’t forget about pet insurance: 

Just like everything else in your life that needs to be covered, it’s also best to look into some pet insurance plans. At least you will have some peace of mind when your furry friends will be taken care of. Get all the details that you need in order to decide on the best plan for your pet. 

Lastly, give as much love and attention that they need: 

You made the decision to adopt a new puppy. They are an important responsibility, and at these early stages, they are going to get adjusted to new surroundings. Spend some time with them and get to know who they are. You may pick up any unique characteristics about them. Once you understand more about what your puppy likes and dislikes, it will make things easy to establish a routine of how you take care of them. 

This is not a comprehensive guide so it’s best to do further research for each of these things listed above. 

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