Is Pet Training Worth It?

Now that your dog is settled into its new home and was welcomed in with open arms and a bag of treats, it’s now time to talk about training. Is it really worth it? It costs so much money, can I train the dog on my own? Is it too late to train my dog if it’s not a puppy anymore? No matter what your situation is, we believe training your dog is definitely worth it and there are some ways to go about it if you do not want to participate in formal training classes. 

If you’re not interested in sending your dog to a training class, you can start off by teaching them on your own at home with three basic commands: Sit, Stay, and Leave it. If you feel like more guidance and maybe advanced training is needed, you can then consider looking into training classes. There are different types of training classes too which include behavioral, obedience, and much more. 

Also, training isn’t always just for puppies. You may hear that once your dog gets older, it will be too late to teach them things. The fact is, it really doesn’t matter. Some reasons for older dogs to do training is that bad habits will come up along the way or maybe they’re starting to not get along with other dogs. 

Here are three reasons why we believe training your dog is important. It can also be worth saving money for when you plan on getting a new puppy/older dog. 

It is for their own safety and it teaches them life skills

Safety is a must especially if you plan to take the leash off of your dog when you two go to the park. What happens if they run off right after you take the leash off? We would want them to stay close by us. Another thing to include is that it does teach them life skills. This gives you confidence when you and your dog are out and about. They will know how to react and know what to do in certain situations.

It’s a good time to socialize 

This gives them the chance to learn about behaving properly, understanding boundaries, and learning to be comfortable around other dogs and people.

It creates a more positive and lasting relationship between the owner and dog

The value of training creates understanding and communication. When you have a positive experience with the training, it does strengthen the relationship overall. 

Have you taken your dogs to any training? What was your experience like? Leave your thoughts below if you’d like! 

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